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How to Evaluate a Data Entry Company Before Outsourcing

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In the 1990s, outsourcing was an experiment that only large enterprises could afford. The characteristics of outsourcing have changed since those early days. More and more early-stage companies and SMBs collaborate with third-party data entry providers to overcome operational difficulties, ensure faster time to market, and create growth. Today more than half of all companies outsourcing their processes are smaller businesses.


Why outsourcing has become a necessity rather than an option

The necessity for digitizing records has made data entry outsourcing services a profitable venture. The 40-60% reduction in operational costs has made more companies consider switching from in-house teams to outsourced data entry.

The accuracy of the information is a priority. Choosing the right partner from the numerous data entry outsourcers is overwhelming.

Data entry is needed in most sectors

Industries that are the primary drivers for data entry services are banking, financial services, BFSI, IT, manufacturing, health care, and telecom.

Among the vast array of data that are channeled to data entry companies, the most frequent requirements are for

  • Claims Data entry
  • Digitizing handwritten documents
  • Product data entry
  • Patient records
  • Raw data conversion
  • Data entry from images
  • Invoice data entry
  • Back office accounting
  • Document management
  • Forms processing

Data entry companies must know how different industries work. It is a prerequisite that the Data entry outsourcing outsourcer you choose understands your unique demands and offers the best methods to deliver expected results.

Here is a 5-step guide to evaluating your potential data entry partner

1. Can your data entry outsourcer match the level of customization needed?

This is a critical question, depending on your industry and its challenges.

For example, scientific data entry might require multidimensional data to be converted into graphs or tables. An eCommerce company might need to capture data from printed or web-based catalogs. Your potential outsourcing partner must be able to offer you the desired level of customization that your business process needs.

2. Do they have qualified staff and technology to support your data entry project?

Data entry outsourcers must show their ability to handle the workload you plan to send to them. Always partner with a company that can offer you proper support, hires qualified staff, and has the IT infrastructure you need.

Depending on the project’s complexity, iTech data services can apply a combination of OCR, RPA, and Machine Learning to meet multiple business needs.

3. What are the quality control processes?

Data entry outsourcers are only as good as their output. An outsourcer should have processes in place to meet your accuracy benchmarks. Choose an outsourcing partner should be based on the quality of their output.

4. What data security measures does your provider have in place?

There will always be privacy and security concerns when outsourcing data entry services. Some companies might have a greater need for data security, particularly when sharing confidential personal information like names, addresses, medical information, social security numbers, and more. It is vital to find an outsourcing company that has multiple layers of security.

Certifications such as SOCII, GDPR, and strong HIPAA practices are important considerations.

5. Will cultural differences be a hurdle?

Most often, data entry providers are based offshore. While this enables the cost-effectiveness of the services provided, cultural and linguistic differences can result in poor communication. Countries like India have a large English-speaking workforce, and almost all their corporate communications are in this language.

Rest-assured that putting the time into finding the right partner will pay off in the end and allow you to reap the benefits of data entry outsourcing without facing any of the risks.

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