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Whether it’s a simple project or one with multiple complexities, iTech is a data services company built around the ability to capture and process data from multiple verticals. Well versed in all aspects of data capture, iTech teams can apply manual, OCR, RPA, or Machine Learning services to any project depending on their unique needs.

Simple manual processes are applied for simple or one-time indexing projects. These projects tend to have looser deadlines, but still require a high degree of quality that iTech can deliver. We utilize a double-key and compare methodology coupled with a 100% QC process to deliver a minimum quality threshold of 99.95%.

For more complex and on-going project OCR paired Machine Learning Services, and Robotic Process Automation are used. They are used separately, together, or paired with some manual processes depending on the input processes and output needs.

The results are always unmatched quality, fast turnaround time, and reduced operational and labor costs.

Additionally, iTech’s iClarify tool always gives organizations looking using iTech to perform Data Entry Outsourcing full control and visibility into the data capture and audit processes. On-demand metrics and analytics surrounding quality and turnaround eliminates the “black box” approach, often associated with outsourcing, and instead provide absolute transparency.

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