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Machine Learning Data Capture for Scanned Blueprint & Scanned Engineering Drawings

If your company is scanning blueprint or engineering drawings, or any large format image types, iTech’s Machine Learning paired OCR has the unique ability to extract the data they contain. We solve converting large scanned blueprint and engineering drawings into digitally indexed and 100% searchable documents.

Blueprint scanning is only the starting point to creating a usable digital library. Adding a layer of OCR paired machine learning gives iTech clients the ability to quickly access drawings and the specific data points they contain with just a few keystrokes.

Other OCR software is built for smaller image sizes and must still involve manual intervention to capture most data. Not only is sheer size an issue, but traditional OCR is also neither cost-effective nor accurate. Data, especially the type contained in architectural and engineering drawings, does not conform to standard OCR rules; it can be found horizontally, vertically, or angled, on any part of an image, or bisected by lines. It can be machine print, or in the case of many older drawings, handwritten.

iTech’s machine learning is built specifically to read data types contained in large scanned blueprint and engineering drawings. It adds a layer of context to OCR by using an algorithm created through exposing it to millions upon millions of scanned blueprints and scanned engineering drawings. Our data capture process is as close to perfect for large images as exists.

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