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iTech Sales Order Automation Software - Automate All Your Repetitive Tasks

iTech sales order automation software uses Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence technology to process orders faster and track all your sales orders electronically, eliminating manual data entry and the burden of your customer claim.

Our sales order automation software reduces order entry errors due to manual processes and speeds up your order processing times at fewer costs. So you can reduce your business operational costs and focus on your customer experience with our order automation software.

Our revenue cycle expertise across multiple verticals is paired with automation technologies that deliver high-quality results on time every time.

Contact us to see how iTech sales order automation software can process your sales orders electronically and improve sales order turnaround.

How Sales Order Processing Automation Works?

Through sales order processing automation, your team will speed up your order processing.

When purchase orders are received, the manual sales order processes associated with data entry, UPC, vendor, and inventory checks are performed in seconds by iTech’s OCR paired Machine Learning Service.

This sales order process can read, understand, and perform special invoice instructions. When paired with Robotic Process Automation, iTech’s sales order processing automation can perform customer contract lookups for specials discounts, arrange for on-time deliveries, coordinate with vendors, warehouse & manufacturing, and support just-in-time initiatives.

Start Automating With iTech sales order processing software

iTech sales order processing software integrates seamlessly with ERP system to automate sales orders and provide support to an organization’s AR and AP functions.

Additionally, iTech’s iClarify tool always gives organizations looking using iTech to perform sales order processing full control and visibility into the data capture and sales processes. On-demand metrics and analytics surrounding quality and turnaround eliminates the “black box” approach, often associated with outsourcing, and instead provide absolute transparency.



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