Does it Make Sense to Outsource my Data Capture Project?
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Does it Make Sense to Outsource my Data Capture Project?

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From creating POs to inputting Sales and Service orders to accounting, HR functions, and even simple digital archiving, data capture has become an increasingly important part of every firm, big or small.

However, the question remains: when does one know if the benefits of outsourcing data capture functions outweigh the costs of conducting them in-house?

With that, here is a comprehensive set of questions to guide in making outsourcing decisions.


Is this Ongoing and Repetitive Work?

Work outsourcing is rapidly becoming a requirement as there is always more work, no matter how efficient a company is. Stress and worry are common in these types of situations. However, companies can increase productivity, morale, and performance by offloading mundane, repetitive jobs.

Truth be told: most businesses believe that the only way to succeed is to work more. In actuality, though, it is the polar opposite. What genuinely moves the needle is whittling away at the superfluous.

Companies may focus on their main business capabilities, which enhance brand awareness, attract clients, and produce additional revenue by outsourcing mundane, repetitive tasks. Outsourcing is also a great approach to making the most of current resources, as spending less time on routine chores allows companies to get more out of their employees.

Business outsourcing is also a great strategy to optimize service offerings while lowering costs. Supplementing a talent pool with highly talented people can provide companies the boost they need to get through busy periods and give them the extra bandwidth they need to meet stretch objectives. Outsourcing enables businesses to add new team members as required and simply dismiss them once the project gets completed.

Finally, outsourcing allows customers to have a seamless customer experience while staying within budget.

Is it Blocking the Core Functions of a Business?

As established, data entry is a technical and time-consuming process that gets delegated to experts.

However, for most startups and SMBs, engaging a full-time staff purely for data entry is prohibitively expensive. Even huge firms may need to outsource more data entry tasks on occasion.

Many back-of-house chores that support a firm, while necessary, can deplete a company’s time and resources. Most likely, the entire organization is preoccupied with its core capabilities.

A market research firm, for example, could concentrate on data mining and processing, whereas a real estate firm could concentrate on locating outstanding homes.

As a result, assigning data entry duties to any of those employees would be counterproductive because it would divert their attention away from their core competencies. This option can lower their productivity, which has an impact on the company’s overall efficiency.

But, do not worry; outsourcing takes care of these issues, allowing employees to focus on what they do best.

Are Hiring and Training Resources to Perform DC Tasks worth it?

Consider a startup that requires assistance in launching or maintaining a new service. Alternatively, an established brand that wants to delegate monotonous activities or improve an existing product. Companies can cut expenses exponentially by offloading typical, repetitive jobs that can easily be done by someone else, again to enhance efficiency, decrease costs, create more money, and so on. Business outsourcing was named as a main cost-cutting tool by 59 percent of respondents in a recent survey.

Furthermore, it is logical from a labor standpoint. Outsourcing reduces the expenses of employing, training, and providing benefits by offering skilled temporary workers. Outsourced labor, in most situations, can execute routine activities for a fraction of the cost of in-house personnel.

Are there Outsourcing Companies whose Core Competency is Specializing in Tasks that Your Company Does Not Specialize in?

Before data professionals get onboarded, they must go through extensive training and screening processes. In addition, a quality assurance specialist checks a company’s data entry team’s output. Thus, businesses should be aware that their selected outsourcing partner will collaborate with them to establish a KPI per agent to ensure that they are on the same page and their targets are met.

Furthermore, businesses save money because they do not have to pay for extra office space, equipment, or other expenses. In addition, labor costs are lower in offshore locations such as Asia and Latin America.


Indeed, sometimes, less is more. While some business owners may disagree with this approach, there is no disputing that modern enterprises are gradually realizing the necessity for outside assistance. Modern business owners are considering outsourcing monotonous and time-consuming tasks like search engine optimization and social media profile upkeep in order to enhance productivity.

Documents contain a large quantity of information that can be used to make significant business choices. As the number of papers grows, so does the requirement for accurate and timely data. To ensure that all of the data is correct and of high quality, companies can turn to data capture that can be outsourced, whether automated or manual.

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