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Paper Problems? What To Do

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Many offices are going paperless as part of cost saving and environmental consciousness. After all, 14% of all wood that is cut down goes to make paper. However, while these are reason enough, there are many more advantages to offices going paperless.

Advantages of a Paperless Office

1. Speed of Information

Managers say that they can spend up to 3 hours each week looking for documents that may have been misfiled or even lost. With a Document Management System, all documents can be scanned, digitally stored and easily accessed, in a matter of seconds. Document digitizing also saves on physical space as filing cabinets are cumbersome and finding documents can be a time-consuming process.

An electronic filing system using a cloud-based technology makes information more accessible to employees. Business Managers free up their time by almost 30% that can now be productively used for business development.

2. Improved Document Security

Storing of paper documents make them at risk of accidents like fire, floods or even pests like rodents and termites. This is one reason why offices find it a big advantage to move their documents to the Cloud on secure servers. It is also easy to restrict access by providing different security levels to users. Restricting access ensures that only authorized persons can access or retrieve sensitive information. Further, business owners don’t need to worry about taking back-ups or updating virus protection as most Cloud-based systems will do this automatically.

3. Reducing Overhead Costs

Digitizing documents has a direct impact on lowering costs. Office supplies like paper and printer ink can be major contributors to office expenditure. Businesses with about 200 employees can expect to spend about $30 each month for each employee in terms of office supplies. Naturally, costs will go up for larger companies.

4. Access Data in Real-Time

The biggest advantage of converting all your documents to the electronic medium is that they can update your reports automatically. Digital Dashboards can be created that feed into this data and refresh in real-time, whenever there is an update. Converting raw data into visual dashboards will give your company the ability to analyze data quickly for actionable insights.

Why Companies Opt to Outsource Data Entry Services

Data is the backbone for every organization but data entry is more than just converting documents into data-feeds. The data needs to be properly organized and this can be time-consuming. This is why many businesses prefer outsourcing data entry work to manage their data more efficiently.

Data entry service providers apply the latest technologies to their service range – Data Processing, Digitization, Data Mining and Data Conversion. Adoption of best practices is where they score over in-house teams, as businesses might not keep themselves up-to-date with the latest advancements.

There are many more reasons why businesses are outsourcing their non-core processes

Higher Accuracy

Professional data entry operators are trained in best practices and processes so that they ensure high accuracy. They follow a double key data entry process that will validate data and do a quality check before systematically storing the information. Top-notch data entry companies have very high-quality checks in place to ensure accuracy.

Industry Knowledge

When companies choose a data entry services company they always look for industry experience. Expertise gained through experience goes a long way towards customizing efficient data entry processes as per your parameters and deploy it at the earliest. A well-defined escalation procedure will also ensure that problems are resolved at the start and will not hinder productivity.

Freeing Time for Core Competency

Back-end processes can often take away focus on business development. Maintaining a data entry team will also bring with it additional costs of investing in technology and training. When organisations outsource data entry and management to an external team, there is proven higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Data Security

When outsourcing, companies want to know if their data is still secure when it is shared with remote teams. Your Data Service partner will have a secure data plan that will include encryption, and threat management.

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