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Fostering a New Reality with Sales Order Automation

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The most valuable time for salespeople is when they are selling. It’s an obvious supposition to make since sales drive profits. Each new sale involves some housekeeping. This mostly means ensuring buyers’ orders are processed properly and invoicing occurs on time. Since organizations want their salespeople to be selling these processes are usually handled as a BOH process by support staff.

Until recently the technology to automate sales order processing didn’t exist and involved multiple manual processes. These were time-consuming, repetitive tasks that resulted in increased operational costs, delayed sales orders and lacked visibility. As with all manual processes they were often prone to human error and with errors created customer dissatisfaction.

Luckily every organization that sells now can automate these processes.


Sales Order Automation

Sales order automation eliminates repetitive manual tasks. Structured and unstructured customer and ordering data is extracted through Machine Learning algorithms that coordinate with warehouse, manufacturing, and accounting departments to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.

These ML-powered processes include:

  • ML clustering for document recognition and indexing
  • OCR powered machine learning to extract data from order documents
  • RPA paired ML to perform tasks such as warehouse picking, manufacturing, shipping, and contract discount lookups
  • ML paired accounting software to perform billing and audit functions

Advantages of Sales Order Automation

Here we discuss about the 5 top Advantages & Benefits of Sales Order Automation.

  1. Streamlined Order to Cash Cycle
  2. Access to Real-time Data
  3. High Degree of Accuracy
  4. Optimum Customer Service
  5. Decreased Revenue Cycle

Lets dive right in…

1. Streamlined Order to Cash Cycle

Sales order automation is far quicker than manual processing. In most cases, it takes minutes or seconds to complete versus the days it would take to complete the various manual processes.

2. Access to Real-time Data

Sales order automation provides customers and selling organizations access to real-time data. For customers, they can see what they ordered, when they can expect delivery, and what their charges are. Selling organizations can quickly adjust to discrepancies and customer concerns.

3. High Degree of Accuracy

Automated sales order technology eliminates human errors by eliminating manual processes resulting in reduced labor, decreased operational costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

4. Optimum Customer Service

Sales order automation gives selling organizations the ability to quickly react to customer questions and concerns. Adjustments can be made on-the-fly through client portals or by salespeople.

5. Decreased Revenue Cycle

Automation saves time and labor and optimizes ordering timelines. This results in more accurate orders and faster revenue cycles.

Concluding Thoughts:

While Sales order automation exists many companies continue to use antiquated manual processes. By doing so they increase their costs and risk customer satisfaction. Those who refuse to adopt this new reality will soon find themselves outmatched in their respective industries by their competitors who do.

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