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5 Data Capture Tasks Where Outsourcing is The New Normal

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Data capture outsourcing solutions can bring a tremendous ROI, while simultaneously empowering data-driven decisions. In fact, there are many benefits of data capture outsourcing. Clients can enjoy significant cost savings on a highly-accurate, high-quality data set that can be used to define and leverage a company’s core competencies.

As you consider your data services needs, take a moment to understand the difference between data capture vs data entry. Data capture — which entails processing data with pre-defined options like “yes” and “no” — is different from data entry. The latter involves unique texts, such as free-form answers submitted by survey respondents.

Data capture and data entry outsourcing services both bring major benefits to organizations in many industries and sectors, but the following points focus on a few data capture tasks where outsourcing has become the new “normal.” The reason? Affordability, accuracy and ROI.


Data Capture Task #1 – Freight Bill Capture and Processing

Freight bills and similar related documents are great candidates for data capture outsourcing projects. A company may have dozens or hundreds of freight bills that require processing into their system.

Capturing freight bills and related processing documents allows the business to accurately document what items have been shipped, where they were shipped, when those items were shipped and the logistics company overseeing the transport. WIth this data in-hand, shippers can ensure that carriers receive proper and timely payment for every transport.

Data Capture Task #2 – Accounts Payable

A company’s accounts payable division can generate large volumes of data across multiple platforms. This is an area where it’s also common to see many paper documents that require data capture and/or data entry.

Accounts payable data capture outsourcing services are ideal for those who need accurate, cost-effective financial document processing. This ensures that all vendor payments are issued on-time and for the proper amount. This way, you won’t risk alienating vendors due to an overlooked or improperly-processed invoice.

Data Capture Task #3 – Vital Records

Courts, hospitals and municipal governments are among the organizations that handle vital records. As the name suggests, these records are vitally important for keeping track of major events such as:

  • Births;
  • Deaths;
  • Marriages;
  • Divorces; and
  • Property Records such as purchases, sales, foreclosures, etc.

The sheer volume of these vital records can be overwhelming, particularly for larger municipalities and organizations. This fact makes vital records a great candidate for data capture outsourcing, allowing staff to focus their efforts on other essential tasks.

Data Capture Task #4 – Backfile Conversion

Backfile conversion — also called backfile indexing — refers to the process of capturing information contained within paper documents. This results in a searchable digital database of indexed information that was previously only available in paper files.

Outsourcing backfile indexing can bring significant cost savings and time savings since staff are no longer sifting through piles of paper documents in search of information. In cases where there is no requirement to keep a hard copy document on-hand, a company or organization may be able to downsize their document storage spaces, resulting in cost savings and/or the ability to expand operations into this new-found space. These factors have made outsourced backfile conversion data capture services a practical, cost-effective choice for many organizations.

Data Capture Task #5 – Sales Order Entry

Sales orders can number into the hundreds or thousands for a large company, but entering this data into a CRM or enterprise platform can prove time-consuming. This mission-critical task is one that can be outsourced with ease, freeing in-house staff to focus on fulfillment and other important aspects of the sales process.

Outsourcing data capture of sales order entry can also empower the business to expedite the fulfillment process. Speed of order fulfillment is a key factor that customers consider when they decide which businesses to shop in the future, so any advantage in this arena can translate into a competitive edge.

Data Capture Outsourcing to Grow Your Business

By outsourcing data capture tasks, a business is well-positioned to achieve cost-savings and operational advantages that may drive growth and expansion. With today’s technology, outsourcing has become the norm, opening doors to new opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes.

Data capture outsourcing solutions are among our specialties at iTech. We are firm believers that our data capture services can transform a business, delivering high-quality data in a rapid, cost-effective way. Contact us today to discuss iTech’s data capture outsourcing services and how a partnership can grow your business.

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